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The local producers at Shaw interviewed my dad and I to bring to life our story in this short-form documentary. As you all know, I convinced my dad to install an electric motor into one of his classic vehicles. He was was hesitant at first, but has now fully embraced the concept. Check out the video below; made by the Community Spotlight team at Shaw.

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Oct 25, 2021

I'm very impressed with what all of you have going on. In the early to mid 2000's I built vehicle's for Hybrid Technologies out of Van Nuys California (we then moved the shop out too Mooresville North Carolina). We converted existing gas powered vehicle's to electric propulsion. Everything from a Chrysler Crossfire for Jay Leno, an electric Harley Davidson Chopper (hollowed out V twin), to a 21 window bus for Volkswagen of America. I commend you all for your efforts!!! I'm curious what your various setups are priced at? I'd definitely be interested in giving one a go!!! Thank you, Seth Borden

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