The Future is Electric


0-60 in 3-5 seconds depending on the weight of your hotrod.


135 - 250 miles depending on battery pack and your hotrod.


Charge in 5-8 hours with a public or home EV charging station.


Installs just like a regular gas motor with some simple wiring.

Frequently asked questions

How much does the e-crate cost?

Between $50,000-$70,000 USD

What is the horsepower of this e-crate?

Currently, we offer 300HP for this product. In the future we may offer a 564HP kit.

What is the production timeline to start shipping products?

Approximately 12 months

What does the kit include?

The kit includes a block with motor/batteries, battery box, cables and wiring harness, battery box base frame and straps, cooling radiators and coolant tanks. Instrumentation options and AC/Heater options are available. Everything you’ll need!

What modifications are required to my existing car?

You may need to make drive shaft modifications and alterations to the transmission tunnel.

Will it be faster than my Gas (ICE) engine?

Yes, if you had a stock V8 engine your performance will improve. Performance varies with the specific kit configuration and the weight of the vehicle.

What kind of batteries are included in the kit?

The batteries are a type of Lithium Ion called Nickel Manganese Cobalt usually called NMC sometimes called NCM. The batteries are an automotive standard design used in production cars.

What kind of motor is included in the kit?

The motor is a common EV motor produced by Borg Warner. It has been used in production cars. The motor core is packaged into a housing that is oil filled for cooling and that oil is water cooled by a heat exchanger.

How do you install the kit and what knowledge/tools are necessary?

The kits will include the block and battery box with everything inside prewired and tested. There is a harness to connect the vehicle's 12V battery, ignition and brake switch. A sensor to read the shifter position for Park-Reverse-Neutral-Drive will be offered. If you are comfortable pulling an engine and you have basic automotive wiring skills you will be able to install this kit. You will need a custom drive shaft made up and you will need to fabricate the connections of the battery box mounting frame to the vehicle. If you have the tools for a regular mechanical shop, you’ll be good to go.