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Webb Motorworks Intro Deck.png

Old school electric crate motors

Easily convert your gas engine to electric and look stock

"From the outside it's quite difficult to tell that you're looking at a complete electric motor solution that conceals its electric innards inside one of the most popular gas engine designs of all time."

"Canadian hot rodder Chris Webb has made something of a career out of taking the ubiquitous small-block Chev and disguising it as something it’s not." 

"Besides the old-school aesthetics, one big advantage of Chris’ design is its ability to use stock engine-mount and transmission bolt patterns, making it a drop-in solution for countless vehicles."

"He may not be the first guy to come up with the trojan horsepower that is an electric motor stuffed into a V8 block, but Webb's use for an E-V8 like this is the most exotic we've seen so far."

The only stock electric 

The Cyber Beast has stock motor mounts and transmission mounts so it bolts right in to the engine compartment of your classic or hot rod. Add your own stock valve covers, spark plugs, distributor wires, water pump, or headers. You can even install your stock exhaust manifold and hollowed out carburetor! Blower anyone?


Full torque at 0 RPM

This beast has 250-375 horsepower and 516 foot pounds of torque that stays constant right up to 5,000 rpm. Couple that to your 1.9 gear reduction and that’s 980 foot pounds out the back of the motor.

Install it in a weekend

To get this electric motor running, just hook up the throttle, radiator hoses, do some low voltage wiring, mount your controller, and add your charging port. The Cyber Beast will come fully charged, computer programmed and bench tested; all programmed and ready to go.

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