We've been prototyping a custom-cast hollow Chevy Small Block that hides an electric motor. This is going into my 1936 Hayes/Mack ratrod. Follow our build!



The "Webb Flatty" kit lets you retain your investment and customize you motor with the appearance of a classic Flathead. After all, your Hot Rod needs a Flathead. The Flathead Kits manufactured by Webb Motorworks are made with with top-of-the-line materials, cutting-edge production technologies and a highly qualified team, we guarantee some rockin engines.



Convert your Chevy Small Block to a custom Flathead V8

It's a really cool alternative to an origional flathead. These old flatheads were manufactured from 1932-1953 and as sweet as they look they're prone to overheating and low horsepower. Today they're hard to find and when you do, they're expensive, all rusted out and inadequate for the modern highways.


Convert your Chevy Small Block to a custom Flathead V12

The Webb Flatty V12 was Inspired by an article Chris read about Chip Foose and how he installed a V 12 into a 32 Ford.  The iconic Flathead design was cool but reliability and performance were an issue. Most Hot Rodders install a small block Chevy motor in their cars so Chris had an idea. What if he could make a kit that would give him the best of both worlds?


If you're completely insane,

transform that Small Block into a Flathead V16

Three years of research and development have resulted in the creation of the patented Webb Flatty kit.    Designed to transform the appearance while still using original components of the chevy motor.

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